What’s Your Pleasure?

When is porn a turn off? There are probably multiple ways to answer this, depending on your proclivity and morals. I’m not here to judge. What I am here to talk about is a movie that, like Lovelace, Boogie Nights, and Wonderland, made me ask that question, and re-evaluate porn in the 21st Century. ThatContinue reading “What’s Your Pleasure?”

Scream if You Want to Go Faster

With every ear to the ground (hopefully that phrase is still politically correct), keeping something secret these days on the Internet is akin to understanding what’s politically correct and what isn’t. But with recent movies like James Bond’s No Time to Die, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, it proves that embargoes, and just plain old-fashionedContinue reading “Scream if You Want to Go Faster”