Bad People is FREE

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To mark it’s 100th review on Goodreads (thank you to everyone who has read it so far), Bad People, the first book in the Tom Nolan detective series, is FREE on Kindle for a limited time.

If you like horror thrillers in the style of Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs, this will be up your street. But don’t take my word for it, here’s a few reviews to whet your appetite.

“Bad People is full of clever plot developments and a compelling, suspenseful manhunt. I’m excited that this is only book one.” Scream Magazine.

“To be read with the lights on in every room in the house.” Nigel Bird.

“With a wince-inducing prologue and an ending to make you gawp, Bad People is in turns a dark thriller and police procedural, with evil running through its core.” Sublime Horror.

“There are many twists and turns to Bad People that will keep readers hooked and turning pages as quickly as possible.” On Magazine.

“If you like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or Se7en, then check out BAD PEOPLE by Craig Wallwork.” Sadie Hartmann

Here’s the synopsis…

THREE MISSING CHILDREN. Over the past three years, the quiet Yorkshire village of Stormer Hill has lost three of its children. No bodies were ever discovered. No evidence found. No witnesses.
THE WRITER. Struggling to find inspiration for his new novel, celebrated crime author, and ex-police officer, Alex Palmer, believes the story of the missing children could end his writer’s block, but is he prepared for the story that’s about to develop?
THE DETECTIVE. Tom Nolan, a seasoned detective and loner involved in finding each missing child. Nolan is tasked with chaperoning Palmer and walking through each case. But as both men revisit the past, and dig deeper, neither are prepared for the chilling discovery to why the children were taken.
THE BRETHREN. A secret cult. Two men, and a series of brutal and unimaginable murders spanning over seven years with one intention; to show the world that death can be justified if it’s for a greater good.

If you’ve already read the book and enjoyed it, please spread the word. The third in the series should be released next year. Thanks for taking an interest.

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Published by craigwallwork

Craig Wallwork is the author of the novels, Bad People, Labyrinth of the Dolls, The Sound of Loneliness, To Die Upon a Kiss, and the short story collections, Quintessence of Dust, and Gory Hole. His short stories have been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize and feature in many anthologies and magazines both in the U.K. and U.S. He currently lives in West Yorkshire.

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