Human Tenderloin: Bon Appetite!

September 15th. Mark your calendar, or set a reminder on your phone, because that’s the date my new horror short story collection will be released called, Human Tenderloin.


A prematurely ageing girl learns to fly during the end of the world. A husband makes the ultimate sacrifice for his dying wife. Two brothers endure a rainstorm that lasts five years. A father tries to save his daughter from a sleeping epidemic. A man books into a hotel where the guests check in but never check out. A group of fine-dining cannibals worry where their next meal will come from. And a grieving mother goes in search of ghosts in a haunted house.

Human Tenderloin is a collection of horror stories with heart. Some will goose the skin. Others will leave you bloated with terror. But each one will stay with you.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite (pun intended) maybe this will…

Book cover for Human Tenderloin

What? You need more to persuade you? Okay, what about these endorsements?

Bestselling author, Stephen Graham Jones
Bestselling author, Paul Tremblay
Author Tyler Jones

Still not convinced? Jeez, what’s a writer got to do to get some love? All I can offer is that the book will be out in hardback, paperback and Kindle, with some limited signed editions available after the release. Presently, preorders are available on Kindle only. Here’s the link.

I truly hope that come September 15th you’ll join me in celebrating the book’s release. Hell, maybe you’ll buy a copy. I’m certain you’ll find one story that lingers with you long after you put the book down. However, if you’re struggling to sleep after reading, or believe something is lurking in the attic, I’d like to apologise now, but know that this humble writer will be grinning madly with delight. Best, Craig.

Published by craigwallwork

Craig Wallwork is the author of the novels, Bad People, Labyrinth of the Dolls, The Sound of Loneliness, To Die Upon a Kiss, and the short story collections, Quintessence of Dust, and Gory Hole. His short stories have been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize and feature in many anthologies and magazines both in the U.K. and U.S. He currently lives in West Yorkshire.

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